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picture of cloudEmergency Preparedness and Management

  • In this module, you will be guided through interactive public health scenarios where you will be asked to make decisions based on the information presented, your experiences, and your personal knowledge. You will be placed in three different management roles in a post-disaster recovery scenario and experience a series of briefings and re-enactments which will assist you in the management of volunteers, both internal and external, who have been deployed to assist in your jurisdiction's recovery efforts.

  • This online module is designed for Tier II (mid-level) public health professionals. The Tier II target audience is defined as mid-level public health workers with 5 years experience and an MPH equivalent or higher degree; or 10 years experience with a high school diploma, bachelors, or non-public health graduate degree. This module integrates experiential learning and is competency and capability-based. The competency model used is the Public Health Preparedness & Response Core Competencies, developed by the CDC and ASPH. Capabilities used include the Public Health Preparedness Capabilities and the Target Capabilities List.
  • Are you new to public health emergency preparedness or just need a review? If so, then these courses are for you. Here, you will find a set of four modules which will provide an overview of public health and its new role in emergency preparedness, planning, and response. The course is divided into four modules that will provide you with the basic skills and perspective necessary to begin emergency response training within one’s respective organization.

  • Take this course to receive a Certificate of Completion for specialized "Tracks" of learning within the PHP Southwest Course. Individual certificates are available in:
    Track 1. Emergency Management
    Track 2. Medical Countermeasures
    Track 3. Mass Care
    Track 4. Mental Health
    Track 5. Epidemiology

    View the course flyer for more information.

  • This basic interdisciplinary certificate program is designed to provide students and professionals with a practical foundation in public health preparedness to further strengthen the public health workforce and the infrastructure. The Basic Certificate in Public Health Preparedness is a three part series offered by the AzCPHP training center and is delivered through online training modules, workshops, and seminars.

    View the course flyer for more information.